Our Story

While riding on I-215 outside of Denver one day, we ran into a huge rain and hail storm. Everyone pulled to the side of the road on the busy highway to put on our rain gear, at one point I found myself sitting on the soaked blacktop with cars and trucks thundering by while my boot is half way into my rain pants and stuck!

Shortly after that incident, I met Bill Rodgers. Bill had developed a unique coverall with a two zipper design that allows you to put it on in under 20 seconds without having to remove your boots. Right then, a light bulb went on and I used Bill’s patented design to create the world’s only 20 second motorcycle rain gear!

No longer will bikers have to dance on the side of the road, struggling to put on rain gear only to ride 5 minutes, have the sun come out and do it all over again.

Let’s face it, most of the time we just ride through the storm getting soaked because we dread having to deal with the hassle of wearing traditional rain gear.