Motorcycle Rain Gear

Anyone who’s been riding for a while has been caught in a storm, and even the mildest storm is a big deal on a bike. Most motorcycle rain gear is bulky, awkward, and hard to get into, so we usually just grit our teeth and deal with being cold and wet. Those days are over. Welcome to the Ride Tribe: The world’s fastest motorcycle rain gear.


Step 1

Ride Tribe Motorcycle Rain Gear

Whip out your Ride Tribe motorcycle rain gear and slide your arms into the sleeves

Step 2

Ride Tribe Motorcycle Rain Gear

Line up the zippers, zip down the legs, and secure the cuffs

Step 3

Ride Tribe Motorcycle Rain Gear

You’re ready to go! Jump back on the bike and hit the road!

Man on motorcycle wearing Ride Tribe motorcycle rain gear

Quality Motorcycle Rain Gear

Ride Tribe motorcycle rain gear is built tough. We use high-quality 70-Denier Ripstop Nylon for the arms, legs, and main body fabric. At the lower legs, we’ve added Nomex heat shields to keep your legs comfortable after hours next to a hot engine. To keep the rain out, we use a waterproof/breathable laminate and fully taped seams. Finally, we coat the rain suit with a durable water repellent that causes the water to bead and roll off, even in heavy rain.

Guaranteed Performance

Picture yourself standing on the freeway shoulder, next to your bike. Trucks are whipping by at 80 MPH. As the clouds gather and the storm is getting started, you’re struggling to get into your dated rain gear. You want that moment to end as quickly as possible — our patented two-zipper design will end it in 20 seconds or less. Our American-designed, American-made motorcycle rain gear is the best, and we stand behind it. To prove it, we’ll throw in a 100% lifetime guarantee. How’s that for added protection?

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